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No Fee Unless You Recover
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No Fee Unless You Recover
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Auto & Truck Accidents


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  • Auto and truck accidents happen every day. However, this does not mean they do not impact those who are injured in them. Car accidents that resulted in fatalities toppled over 450 in Minnesota in 2008 with hundreds, if not thousands more suffering serious injuries. These injuries have left people crippled both physically and mentally, struggling to overcome these barriers and return to normality. If you or someone you love has been a victim of a car or truck accident, you need to contact a personal injury lawyer to assess your situation and determine your legal rights. Sometimes the easiest way to move on to a brighter future is to close the door of the past and get the reimbursement to move forward. With the right legal representation, you can.
    Auto Accidents in Minnesota
    If you have been in an auto accident you are probably feeling quite shaken up. If you have suffered serious injuries you may not know where to turn or what to do next. One minute you were driving down the highway listening to your favorite radio station and the next minute you are in a hospital bed. When you have regained your understanding of the situation, it is best to look back at that accident and try to gather any details about the crash. Write it down if you can. Then, contact a Minnesota personal injury lawyer who can help you work through these details and determine if compensation should be rewarded.
    Truck Accidents Minnesota
    Truck accidents, like car accidents, can lead to traumatic and devastating consequences. However, when it comes to truck accidents, often the damage is a lot more serious. This is due to the sheer impact and size of a truck that typically weighs 70,000 pounds compared to a car at 3,000 pounds. Trucks are often harder to control, especially during those cold rainy days and many truck drivers are driving while inexperienced, fatigued or stressed. Furthermore, if a truck is not properly maintained, there could be an engine or break failure that often results in a serious highway accident.
    Minnesota Auto and Truck Accident Lawyers
    The problem with both auto and truck accidents is that they are next to impossible to document. After all, it can all happen in an instant. Furthermore, the legal paperwork required can often be confusing and frustrating, especially for those who are under a lot of emotional and physical pain due to the accident. It can be difficult to piece together the broken scenes that come with an auto or truck accident. However, the team at Helgen and Helgen Law Firm are committed to ensuring you are treated fairly and given the compensation you deserve for your personal injury.
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