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No Fee Unless You Recover
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Wills & Trusts


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  • Your will and trust is your way to pass on your financials and your property assets to those who you love. We all work hard for our assets and it is important that these assets are given to the people you love and trust when you have passed on. Without a will and trust fund in place, there can be arguments down the road about financial aspects of your life which can (and have) tear families apart. A will is your legacy, your guarantee and your gift to those you mean the most to you.
    Why Have a Will and Trusts in Place
    It is a good idea for everyone over the age of 18 to have a will but many people will not worry about making a will until they have children or gain financial independence. The testator is the person who makes the will and he/she must be over 18 years of age. The will must be made in writing, must be signed by the testator and must be witnessed by a least two qualified witnesses, such as a Wills and Trust attorney.
    Having a will and trust fund in place can also provide you and your family with the following benefits:
    • Avoid excessive taxation
    • Provide care for minor children if you die
    • Eliminate any disputes during the probate
    • Provide your family with a smooth transition and well prepared documentation for the future
    • Take care of any family pets
    • Leave clear instructions for medical care and financial decisions

    How a Wills and Trusts Attorney Can Help
    There are a number of confusing factors and legal terms surrounding wills and trusts. You may not understand the difference between an express trust, an implied trust and a minor’s trust, and this is understandable. A wills and trust attorney will be able to explain the process of making and revoking your wills and trusts to best suit you and your family.
    In some instances you may want to revoke or change your will or add to your trust funds. This is often the case if you have more children or if you have a falling out with a family member. It is important to keep your will updated in case something does happen. After all, you just never know and the last thing you want for your loved ones is a financial argument as well as the emotional strain of losing you. With a will, you are ensuring your family’s financial future even after you have gone.
    Minnesota Wills and Trust Lawyer
    The team at Helgen and Helgen Law Firm can provide you with the assistance you are looking for when it comes to creating, managing and revoking your will and trusts. The best gift you can give your family is the security that the financials and their welfare are taken care of. Contact Helgen and Helgen today for a consultation about your will and trusts needs either by calling our law office at 763-717-4811, by visiting one of our offices, located in the North Metro and Downtown area, or by filling out a form on the side of the page.

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